They predicted rain and we got it.

This weekend was not my best weekend. Saturday my dog got a grooming, but later than day began getting sick. By Sunday morning it was obvious he needed to see a vet, on a weekend, with emergency clinics the only open option. So my baby, my dog, was whisked off the the emergency vet. There he was diagnosed, and is still residing. He should be home tomorrow morning – that will be good.

But when he was taken, by a friend around 9 am, it was raining. Not too bad, but a definite rain. By the time I left the house, not quite an hour later, it was raining a bit harder. But by the time I left the vet, almost 1pm, it was a hard rain. There were alerts about flooding.

So how much rain did we get? We’ll my rain gauge said 3.44 inches. Which was interesting since it stopped raining early evening. But in the hours it rained, we got hard rain. And of course with the rain we got some cooler temperatures. That part was nice.

Today, Monday, it is cloudy, and shooting for the mid 80’s but at least no rain for today. But come tomorrow we may be back dealing with rain. Actually the rest of this week we may be dealing with rain. How much will we get? I have no clue. Will it be hard rain like yesterday? I don’t know that either. But I do know we need the rain, so I’m at least thankful for that.

Oh, and I didn’t post this yesterday, I did try. But it appears my hosting company was doing some maintenance when I was looking to post. Oh, well, at least I can tell you today what the weather was like.