Thunder and lightning

Last night we had storms. I wish I could tell you how much rain we actually got but I don’t know. My poor weather station sometime between midnight and 3AM got reset. I’m betting it was from the storm. I know there was a problem when I came out and saw the weather station said it was 12:03AM at 3 in the morning. But from that time on it did register 0.80″ of rain. I’m pretty sure we got more than that. The storms hit at night, and it rattled the windows. The night sky was lit up with lightning. It was pretty constant for a while, probably over an hour. Eventually it moved on, but left flooding in its wake.

Such is life in central Texas when it rains. Or at least sometimes when it rains.

It is possible we might get another storm tonight. But we are expecting one this weekend. We’ll see what we get.