Today I was hoping to get work done in the yard, and we got a little bit done. My yard man came over and was able to get the front and back yard cut. Since he had put fertilizer on the yard a couple of weeks ago, the grass has grown. Its truly been a sea of waving green blades. Unfortunately, its been a sea, with a little too much height to it. If you were as short as our dogs, you could get your belly tickled the grass was that high. Bear in mind they are short dogs, only 11 and 9 lbs, not big dogs. So it doesn’t have to be too high to tickle their belly.

But nonetheless, it was that high. So it was in dire need of a cutting. But now that its cut, it looks like a lovely green yard.

Within about 5 minutes of cutting the yard, it began to rain. And its been raining most of the day since. But that was the most important project we needed done, and we accomplished it. And that’s what matters.

So, no getting the raised bed worked on. That will have to happen next week. To make it all the more interesting, we are due for rain over the next few days. And the fun thing is yesterday and the day before were in the mid to upper 70’s. We even had some 80 degree days. So now we’ve dropped a bit, down to the mid to upper 60’s and we have rain and thunderstorms. Earlier today I listened to thunder outside. So we do have storms here right now.

I say right now as we expect the rain to last off and on for about a week. It will be good for the yard and for the garden.

Speaking of the garden, with the warm weather, and now this rain, some of those seeds I was worried about are sprouting. Even my basil has these tiny little sprouts just beginning. I’ve been picking peas, both snow peas and shelling peas.

The only thing that hasn’t sprouted yet are the peppers. Oh, and since the broccoli is bolting due to the weather, I have changed that pot over to squash. I put those seeds in just last night, knowing that we were due for rain. Hopefully they will sprout soon. I’ve planted both yellow squash, and zucchini. Hoping for a bountiful crop this summer.