Shelter in place

One interesting option while doing shelter in place is the chance to do all those things you just didn’t have time for. Maybe work in the garden, maybe organize your clothes or cupboards, hem those pants, etc. You can even spend the time learning new skills, cooking, yoga, exercises, whatever. All those videos you’ve marked and wanted to watch, well now you have the time.

For me, its been walking the dogs, every day. Since they are two small dogs, one is 11 lbs and one is 9 lbs, I don’t have to do long walks, but a couple of walks a day are good exercise for both me and the dogs.

Since DH is in the hospital (he fell) it falls to me to walk the dogs every day. Its definitely bonding time with the dogs. But I am getting worried about having enough dog treats, strange things we worry about.

But on to the garden, the weather here in Austin has been warm, then cool and light rain. We have a nice light rain here today.

We did get the outside deck finished, so now I can figure out what I want to do for raised beds. Since I’ve been using various types of pots, and they do well, I would like to start considering some raised beds. I didn’t want to put in raised beds until I had actually gotten the deck finished. I wanted to know how much room the deck would actually take. And of course I know where the steps will now lead.

Even though you may have a plan in mind, sometimes its best to wait until you really see what you have. Sometimes measurements don’t do justice to reality. I’m not looking at making the raised beds using some of the corners you buy, than just add wood. The advantage of those is the size of the bed depends on the wood cuts. It makes it easier to get a more custom sized bed instead of buying a precut/premade system.

Once I decide on where the raised beds are going, then I can see about where I need or want to put a watering system. I will need to put in a drip water system once the raised beds get in.

Our weather has been cool for Austin, others would probably cal it warm. Today we’re at 73, with 77 for tomorrow. This is good weather to get seeds in. I’m planning on getting some squash/zucchini seeds in this week. We certainly have enough warmth to plant these seeds.

I have had some problems with a few seeds not sprouting, but since we had a couple of nights of cold weather, I replanted seeds for those plants that have not come up. I’m starting to see some of them sprouting, so I’m hopeful.

Overall the garden looks good, I’ve been able to pick various peas, snow peas and shelling peas. I would prefer more plants, but I’m working with what I have.

I”ll let you know how the raised beds go.