Darn if we didn’t get rain again. Today started out a bit cloudy, but nothing I thought would amount to much. Just goes to show you how much I know, or rather how much I have to learn.

I went to church, something I’ve recently begun doing on Sundays, and after the church service, around 12:15, I walked outside to the beginning of sprinkles. It didn’t looking like dark clouds. And I didn’t actually think it would amount to much. I hadn’t heard that rain was due. I must have missed that part of the forecast. But it began it rain. Nothing heavy. Just a slow constant drizzle. And it rained for almost the next 8 hours. As I write this, its about 9:45PM and the rain has stopped and the clouds are breaking up. I even walked the dogs. That’s how dry its become.

And yet throughout that entire time we only got 0.67 inches of rain. So when I say it was a slow rain, it was a slow light rain. And the weather forecast says we might be having more rain.

Unfortunately for the next couple of weeks I will not be posting. I will be online, but out of the area so I will not be posting anything. Hopefully nothing new or earth shattering will happen while I’m gone.

I pulled out some of the old plants, like the cucumber and pumpkin plants. They were not doing great. The pumpkin plants were not seeds I planted this year, they were volunteer plants. I pulled up the swiss chard plant. That will need to be replanted. I’m also figuring I will reseed some carrots, maybe beets, and some lettuce for my fall crops. My beans are still in the ground, as are some peppers, and a couple of tomato plants. And they will probably continue growing. Having some rain while I’m gone wouldn’t be a bad thing.

After pulling the plants up, I turned the soil so it will be ready for fall planting. I do need to add some soil back into the beds. Hopefully that is something I can do when I get back. I’ll have a bit of gardening work to do when I return.