Short cold front

Well, we have a cold front coming in. Yesterday we had wind, today we were about 15-20 degrees colder. Tonight it is 8pm and my weather station says we are 36 degrees. I had the honor of taking garbage outside, and I can admit it is cold. Some areas have freeze warnings. I believe them.

We did have a cool/cold day, reaching mid 50’s. But it is definitely cold, and due to get colder tonight. Tomorrow at least we should be a bit warmer. We might be 10 degrees warmer during the day and be mid 30’s at night.

So the good news is Autumn is definitely here. Even the trees are cooperating and the Bradford pear trees have turned red. It’s been a lovely sight.

The nice part is the daytime weather this week should stay in the 60’s. So it feels lovely outside. Just cool enough to want a sweater. So much nicer than the heat this last summer. But I do admit the weather right now is comfortable.

Let’s see how the rest of autumn and winter go.