It is cold out there

Yes, the cold front did come in! And it is here! WOOOOOOO

Since this morning we’ve been sitting at a nice balmy 39 degrees, with some light rain, and definite wind. Baby, it’s cold outside.

Surprisingly, the actually forecasts haven’t changed that much. They are still forecasting a high of 48 with a low of 34 tonight. Not that much different than what they had said before. And the next two days are highs of mid 50’s with both nights a low of 29. So it is definitely cold. The rain is only forecast for this morning, then it should be sunny days.

But we did get a cold front. And with the wind outside jackets are required. I’m not talking jackets are just a nice idea, the wind child is a cold 29 out there. Anybody that can not get out of the wind and doesn’t have a jacket is in trouble. This will last a couple of days so if you are outside the next couple of day, take care and dress appropriately.

And depending on which are you are in, some areas are looking at freezes, not surprising.