Triple digits

We have officially hit triple digit temperatures in my back yard. Its hot and dry, 101 and 33% humidity. Plants are just dying. Lawns are getting dry patches from not getting enough water. Potted plants are not happy, animals are not happy.

Trying to walk a dog in this weather is difficult. Even at 9pm its hot, often 89 degrees. And that’s just too hot to walk my dog. And of course, at 9pm its dark. You have to take a flashlight with you.

But we will see what happens thru the rest of summer. Will it get hotter? Very possibly it will. And if it does, it will be miserable.

Drought conditions

We have crossed into stage 3 water restrictions here where I am. What does this mean? Well depending on the last number of your address you have 2 days a week where you are allowed to water. In addition are from our restrictions:

  • Outdoor watering hours will be limited to between midnight and 4 a.m. on designated days.
  • No watering allowed on Sundays
  • Watering is allowed by a hand held hose or faucet-filled bucket or water can of 5 gal or less.
  • No new landscapes will be installed.
  • Filling of swimming pools is prohibited.

I expect the garden will not be happy. And to give you an idea of how unhappy my garden is getting:

They are starting to get crispy.