Cool nights

I’m not going to say we’ve had the cold the fruit trees need, but we have had some colder nights. Last night we got down to 30 here at the house so the fruit trees are still getting some cold.

During this past week I actually started the annual fruit tree branch pruning. It has to be done and I find it best to do it during the cold season when they are dormant. Considering our crazy weather I haven’t had a lot of chances for that. But if I want any chance of fruit this year, those tree must be pruned.

In case you’re wondering how to prune a fruit tree I strongly suggest checking out Old Farmer’s Almanac, gardening for their information and videos. One thing I have learned the hard way, is you will make mistakes. But most of the time, not all the time, its not fatal to the tree. Its a tree and it does grow. A mistake might set fruiting back a little bit, but it usually won’t kill a tree. That means you must learn from your mistakes and try to do better next year.

If you decide to prune your fruit trees and want more information, check out gardening sites online. Now be aware that checking multiple ones, and seeing how similar they are will be more helpful than just taking one and using them as a reference. It also helps if you look for sites and information that deal with what you are looking for. Pruning a pomegranate is far different from pruning an apple tree.

But this information is true for all gardening. How and when to plant in Michigan will be different from gardening in south Florida. The climates are just too different. So when you go searching for how-to information on gardening, beware. Look for as reputable sites as possible.