Happy Fourth of July

They have warned of rain. Its not a continuous rain that we get here. And they’ve been warning of it for day. Well, it does strike. And I use the word strike as that is what just happened. In the space of less than 15 minutes we have gotten 3/4′ of rain. We’ve spent the day with clouds, some blue skies, and yet suddenly the skies darkened and rain began. It has been 15 minutes now since it first began, and where the rain has slowed, we still have 0.77 inches in the back yard. It well may stop shortly, but by then we may well hit .80 inches of rain.

And being that its still mid afternoon, its possible we could get more rain later this day or tonight.

This is how rain comes in central Texas.

At least the yard and the garden got watered.

UPDATE: its almost 11pm and we’ve topped out at 0.82 inches of rain. But rain is in the forecast the rest of the week. I’ll keep you posted.