Texas warmth

Yes, it was but about two weeks ago that we had ice breaking trees. Now we are in the 80’s. Yesterday we hit a lovely 88 degrees. Today we have cooled, if you want to call it that, down to 80. Yes its February in central Texas. They are saying we should get a cool down this weekend, but we don’t really have a good rain in the forecast. And the cool down is not exactly cold. We will be down to the low 70’s during the days, with mid and high 40’s in the evenings. Hardly what you could call cool.

But this is what central Texas weather is all about. Since our last frost date is still on the horizon, its March 27 in this area, we could get cool or cold. But its still a problem for plants. Its always the question, do you start plants outside, or wait for the last frost date? It’s a question each person has to decide. But that’s what gardening is about.

Just an FYI, Cat’s Garden will be on the move. I will be moving in a few months. I’ll post more information later as I get closer to the actual move.