Weird Texas weather

Yes, we again have some strange weather. Today, Monday it’s a lovely 61 degrees outside, at noon. Saturday we hit a lovely 90 degrees outside. Since the start of the month we’ve had mainly 80’s and high 70’s, with a 90 degree day for good measure.

But wait, there’s more!! Today we will not hit 70. We will stay in the mid 60’s. It is a cold front. And its a bit dry, not much humidity.

Rumor has it we might get rain Thursday night, maybe something Friday morning. But it will not be a lot, if we get anything. Think well less than an inch, probably less than half an inch. But with the possible rain we might get back up to 80 for just Thursday before dropping once again on Friday and next weekend. We could even had daytime highs in the 50’s next weekend. How do you like that weather forecast?

Yes, plants may need to be covered again next weekend. We could get night temperatures back in the 30’s. Hopefully if we get into the 30’s it will be high, not near freezing.

So how is this affecting plants? Well, my two grapes in pots have leafed out beautifully. My rose, in a pot is also leafing out and even has buds. I was apparently gone when the asparagus come up, now they are more like ferns. But I did get shoots. Even the plants in the grow bags are still struggling, but alive. They probably would do better if I remembered to water them. But my snow peas on the deck are blooming.

Such is the growing early season in Central Texas.

Some people have said that when pecan and mesquite start blooming, we’ve passed our last freeze. But remember, no freeze doesn’t mean we can’t get cold, hence the 30ish degrees coming, but not freezes, and not hard freezes. I don’t know if this is true, about the pecan and mesquite, but hopefully its something to consider. Considering our crazy weather, I’m hoping it has some truth to it, maybe we’ve actually had our last freeze. If that’s true, it would be something worth remembering.