Texas weather

What can you say about Texas weather? I’m not sure fickle quick describes it well enough. Temperamental, capricious, erratic might be good descriptions. In the space of one week we went from a low of 23 to a high of 82 (almost 83). And we’ve stayed at some warm temperatures since.

They warned us about a storm coming in the other night. Some storm! They warned of severe thunderstorms that were to last through the night. None of it happened. We got a light rain that gave us all of 0.20 inches of rain. It was a big to-do about nothing.

But now we are scheduled to be moderate, mid/upper 50’s to upper 60’s during the day, with the evenings in the mid 40’s.

Quite ironically I had put in seed just before the cold snap of last week. Some of the seed attempted to sprout, but not much of it. The little sprouts froze and died in the cold. Since we’ve begun having moderate temperatures what seed didn’t sprout before, has begun sprouting. Just for fun I put in additional seed to make sure something will sprout. Even though we still plan to move, I figure the new owners might enjoy a decent harvest. If it takes us longer to move out than expected, maybe I’ll enjoy the harvest.

We’ll see what happens.