Warm winter

After our significant cold snap, we’ve managed to warm ourselves up to the low 80’s. Talk about being unsure of how to garden! Will we get another cold snap? Should we just plant cold weather seeds regardless of the outside temperature? Who know!

I recently went over to my closest big box garden store and did a bit of shopping. I happened to arrive as new bulbs and bare root plants were being put out. I took the opportunity to pick up a few items. I’d been wanting to replace a grape, a Flame seedless. Unfortunately I didn’t see one of those, but I did pick up a Reliance red grape, it was listed as a table grape. And that is what I want, table grapes. I already have a Thompson seedless, even if it hasn’t yet bore any fruit. It is growing well.

I also picked up some potting mix, 6 bags worth. It seems to me that some of the pots I’ve been growing in could use some refresh. So I figured I would mix some new soil in some pots. It couldn’t hurt.

In addition to the grapes, I picked up some asparagus crowns. I’ve grown asparagus before, at a previous house. There, I seemed to have the correct conditions and often gave my excess asparagus away. I’m hoping that they will like the new garden.

I also picked up a peony, Sarah Burnhardt. I haven’t had the best luck with peonies, but I’m determined to try again. Another flowering plant I picked up was a rose Mr. Lincoln. Last year I noticed one of my roses is not doing well – it looks dead. It a red, heritage, old fashioned rose. I don’t remember its name. But it was a deep red/magenta color, with a strong fragrance. Since I don’t recall what it is, I figured a Mr. Lincoln would be a good option.

I’ve working on a new gardening bed this year. Its a wood raised, waist height bed. Rather than just put soil in it, I’ve put those grow bags in it. I managed to fit 8 bags in the bed. This should allow me to grow less, yet more. Each bag will have some seed separate from the next. Right now I have lettuce, pak choi, swiss chard, and carrots. So I still have 4 bags that have soil but no seed.

In addition, the above ground beds, the ones I took the sides off, still have soil on the ground. That means I can put seed in there and attempt to grow something. I did sprinkle some old lettuce seed on it and we will see if anything grows.

New year, new garden. Hopefully we have a successful yet.