Welcome to Central Texas Weather

Last week was a nice week of weather. And yet last night parts of central Texas came under Tornado watch. I’m not sure if tornadoes touched down, I’m not finding information. I’ll keep looking.

But today it warm. It’s now just after noon and we’ve already hit 86 in the back yard. To make it even nicer we have high humidity. We’re forecast to hit about 94 today, with tomorrow another 90 degree day. Yes, that is a bit above our normal temperature, but two days from now, on Wednesday we should be down to 77, about our norm. Then the end of the week we should drop down into the mid 60’s.

So how are the plants taking this. That’s a good question. I’m sure some are not happy. But I can say my peas, including snow peas, are producing.

Remember, since I’m planning on moving, I haven’t planted much. The peas are in pots I can take with me when I move. But seed that was left over in the taken down planters are still growing. Actually the carrot tops are getting bigger. Which is amazing since I no longer have a watering system up to water them.

And for all the times they have been saying we’ll get rain here, we have had heavy mist, but not much in the way of coming down from the sky type of rain. It has been measurable mist, the other day it was 0.20 inches of mist/rain. But we’d still like more precipitation.

This wild temperature swing seems to be how central Texas weather seems to be rolling now. Will it continue this way? I have no idea. We shall see.

Meanwhile, welcome to central Texas weather. If you don’t like it, wait a bit, it will change.