Strange weather still

The forecast said low 70’s. We didn’t get there. We did get to the mid 60’s. But it’s been cool and drizzly all day. I can’t say we really got rain where I am. It has been more like an all day mist. But now, at 10pm we have measured 0.25 inches, so a quarter of an inch of moisture.

It hasn’t really been rain. It has been just a drizzly mist. You did need windshield wipers if you drove anywhere. But from what I noticed, we only really had one short period of what I could call light rain, and that didn’t last long.

But the good thing is it is moisture, its been low and slow. Its watered plants and the ground. And hopefully it should soak into the ground. That’s what we need.

They are still talking about rain later this week. We’ll see what we get. Hopefully it will actually rain, and not just continue with this mist.