Welcome to Texas

We didn’t really expect rain, but we did get just a small amount, 0.07 inches this morning. But what we have begun is heat. We are due for 90+ degree weather the rest of the week. We are looking at 94 for tomorrow, but 96 for the weekend. So we have heat coming in. To help understand, our nights will be in the 70’s. So think a high of 94, with a low of 74. Yes, that’s a 20 degree swing, but its not exactly cool nights. And for example, right now (10PM) it is 78 degrees outside with 84% humidity. That’s not the coolest of nights, it should cool down as we get closer to morning.

So I can’t say if we’re done with rain for a while or not, but we have warm and humid weather coming in. Even if it isn’t rain, its still humid weather.

Its made for some interest gardening. We have lots of rain, so we have some issues with pests, mosquitos and the like, and we’ve had some issues with lack of sun. Temperature wise its been strange. We’ve had some nice temperatures, then some cold 65 degree days thrown in for fun. So plants are growing rather haphazardly. Some plants are growing well, then some just don’t seem to know what to do. I’ve got cucumbers growing, it even has small cucumbers growing on it. And yet I have swiss chard that is still going gangbusters.This isn’t swiss chard season, but mine is still growing very well.

I just watched news and they are already warning that heat index is expected to reach 103 tomorrow. They are also warning some areas of Texas may actually hit triple digits. They didn’t actually say which area are due for those triple digits, so I’m not sure if its actually likely to happen.