We’ve hit autumn – I think

Well the weather has been warm, but cooling. How’s that you ask. Well we’ve had some days lately that have been in the low 90’s, but more like the mid to high 80’s. We did have one day that got warm, mid 90’s. But later this week we’re supposed to be down into cool. We haven’t had rain in a while, and that is due back in a few days too. Mainly thunderstorms, not slow and steady. But if we get rain, we’ll just take what we get. We did have some nice weather and all the areas have gotten green. Lawns have looked nice. But then when hot weather hit they got a bit dry.

But to give you an idea tomorrow Friday Sept. 23 should be 90, but by Monday it should be a high of 68. And the rain should start either tomorrow night or Saturday. But again, its supposed to be showers so more sporadic rain not really wide spread. But then again, who knows. We’ll see what the weather and rain gods have in store for us.