What happened to the warm?

I have absolutely no idea what happened to the weather last night. Yesterday we had a high of 82 degrees. Last night we dropped to a cool frigid 38. I didn’t hear anything about this coming. The good news, at least we didn’t get to freezing. All my plants have been growing, we have lots of little apples on the trees, the pea plants have flowers, as do the tomatoes. We’ve been picking asparagus and the artichokes plants are getting big – then wham — cold last night.

And it didn’t warm up today either. Its almost 6pm and we barely made it to 40 degrees up here. Right now its cooling down again. On another strange weather note, we did get a slight bit of rain last night/early this morning. I was up late and we had thunder, lightning, and a short rain fall. We’ve also had wind last night and this morning. I’m sure that was because of the weather change.

Tomorrow they are calling for we to warm up to the low 70’s. I’ll be happy if we make that. And I’m sure the plants will be happy too.