We got rain

Typical Texas weather, we got thunderstorms late Thursday night then spent yesterday in rain. The good news is we got 1.3 inches of rain. The garden can use it. And today we are pushing for 83 degrees. And we will probably make that.

But we have been eating asparagus. I am still picking asparagus. I’m also picking the peas and snow peas. Even the tomatoes have been happy. We have some on the vine that are getting big, but are still green. I’ve seen squash peeking out of the leaves.

And apples!! The apple trees are full of them. The plum trees have these little plums on them. I’m hoping that the storm didn’t take down too many plums. But overall the garden has been good. Everything has been growing. I can say I’m happy with it.

What’s interesting is that the weather is warm, high 70’s – mid 80’s. And we’ve had sporadic rain ever couple of weeks. Not a lot of rain, but the garden has been happy and growing with it. We did have to recheck the lines to make sure everything is getting watered. As of this point, I think everything is.

One thing we do have to address is the rain tanks. I’ve been busy, this was not something I am used to checking. But the rain tanks collect their water from the gutter system. At the top where the two meet is filled with debris – leaves, twigs, etc. From below it looks like a birds nest but I’m pretty sure its just debris. So that needs to be cleaned so that we collect all the rain water. As is we are not getting as much water as we should from the tanks. And I need that water for the plants. Another job to be done.