Here’s to Texas weather

The winter of What-The-F@#$ continues. We’ve had strange weather in Central Texas. After days of nice weather we have a Polar Vortex on its way in. Our weather forecast for the next week or so:

How does Central Texas get this type of weather??? WHO KNOWS!! But in anticipation of our weather forecast I have covered the one bed with plants in it, moved pots close to the house, and covered all the citrus. I still have lights on some of the citrus plants and have to admit that has been helpful. As for how they will fare through this next cold front remains to be seen. We are not known for getting this cold, and not for this long.

What will be very interesting will be to see how many people take precautions driving. Austin area, where I live is not known for getting this kind of cold nor this weather. One concern I have is will we get cold enough for snow to stick? Will we get snow? How much? Will we get ice too?

Who knows??

We’ll just have to wait and see.