Its a Cold Front!

Wow, we have a cold front!! Its dropped down to high 80’s and possible rain. Yesterday we were just shy of 100 here at the house.  Right now, at almost noon we are only 85. That’s quite a drop in temperature. The forecast says possible rain between now (Wednesday) and Monday but of course that remains to be seen. But at least right now there is some overcast so there is no sun beating down on us. It has been pretty bright the past few days. So this overcast and slightly cooler temperatures are welcome.

As for the garden, I replanted some seed, squash, beans, cucumbers and all the seeds are coming up. I have had some problems with the watering system so I’ve been hand watering. And so far everything seems to be doing better. Hopefully that will last.


4:30 PM update

Yippeeeee!! We hit a high of 94, but have dropped down to 71. Not only that we have had about 0.25 inches of rain so far. Maybe not the best to have light sprinkles for the Fourth of July celebrations, but the garden will love it.  And since the sky is still cloudy with some hopeful rainfall in them, we might get more rain still.