Its cold

The hoped for rain didn’t materalize here. We got all of 0.04 inches, nothing really. On the other hand we have cold and wind. This morning was a lovely 41 degrees. And now, 10:30 it only 45. Humidity has dropped to 53% so I’m hard pressed to believe more rain will show up today. They have warned that a few small areas could see snow this weekend. How’s that for strange weather timing?

They say this is unseasonable cold. I’d agree with that.

Is this our new normal? If it is, I’m not quite sure what to call it.

Yesterday I did do a good look outside in the yard. You may recall I had mentioned I had taken down my gardening beds. The sides were of wood and a friend removed them for me. Well, I guess there was left over seed on that soil. The grape I had thrown out there trying to get it to die has new leaves. Carrots are coming up. So are some beets. I even saw some lettuce coming up. I do realize without those wooded sides, any water from the sprinkler system is now getting to those seeds. That is probably what is keeping them alive. But it only waters 2x a week, and then early morning (like 2am) and only about 10 minutes. Is that enough? We’ll see.