Time flies when you’re having fun

Its hard to believe its almost Oct. Were does the time go. We’ve been busy. Its been a cool summer here in Seattle, at least a bit cooler then usual. But I think that’s better than sweating all summer. We did go spend a week in San Antonio and I’ll take a cooler climate happily.

What I do love is the first weekend in Oct. is Issaquah Salmon Days. Its a fun street fair kind of thing. Its all about the salmon that come up the creek into Issaquah. The town also has its own salmon hatchery so its a fun event to go to. It really only lasts the weekend, but its fun. So I’m looking forward to going to it.

Also this Oct. we are going to Las Vegas for a few days. We are meeting some of my family there. We’re got reservations for dinner and a show so that should be fun. I don’t do Vegas often so I’m looking forward to it.

And we’re going to the Seattle Opera for a Sunday matinee. That should be fun too. I’m looking forward to Oct.