Its now 8:45 PM and a lovely 51 degrees outside, with 50 percent humidity. Its made it up to 72 earlier today. For about the next week are expect to be blessed with lovely warm days, and not too cold nights. This weekend we might get one cool night, down to 33 degrees, but that might be it.

All the plants have been uncovered, water is hooked back up. I even took the time to sow some carrot and pea seeds. Hopefully with the weather we are having they will sprout. We shall see.

One thing I am seriously considering is some sort of cold frame. On the Facebook Central Texas Gardeners group some people have mentioned the success they are having with a cold frame over their bed, both in ground and raised beds. From what they are showing, some are home made, and some are purchased cold frames. Basically the idea is to cover the bed, but keep the covering from touching the plants. Think of an a frame over the bed. Some are more like a lean to, but again it is raised so that the cover does not touch the plants. Some of the people are saying that the cold frame keeps the beds considerable warmer.

This person says the temperatures got down to 18, and stayed below freezing for over 36 hours. By the time they made it out to check, the outside temperature was in the low 40’s. But inside the green house it was about 30 degrees warmer. And of course the soil temperature was just over 50 under the cold frame. The did add a set of Christmas lights to help keep the temperature up.

I really should seriously consider getting some sort of cover for my raised beds. Either I need to purchase something or consider making something. If it will help my gardening, and keep the raised beds warmer during the cold it might be something to try.