It had to happen

We’re getting hot weather shortly. Gone are the nice days, coming are the hot ones. It looks like we’re leaving behind the comfortable days of the 80’s and hitting the 90’s.

On Tuesday, two days from now we should begin hitting the 90’s. By Thursday and Friday we will hit the high 90’s – 97 and 98 respectively. The only good news is the evening will still be in the mid 60’s. But it looks like the summer heat may be on its way.

At least we’ve had a good run of snow peas and asparagus. The squash and zucchini are growing nicely, as are the tomato plants. I’ve been busy and not feeling well so I haven’t done much weeding, but the tomato plants don’t seem to mind. That’s good.

One nice thing is the fruit trees have been growing nicely. The apples are just starting to get ripe. Some are getting that red blush that tells me they are ripe and ready to eat. If they don’t have that blush, you could eat them but they are still a bit tart. But the deer eat the tart ones that have fallen. We go into the fruit tree cage and pick the fallen ones then throw them out to the deer. The deer like them. So that’s helpful.

But it looks like the heat is here.