Okay, we got cold last night. They didn’t lie about that. I didn’t cover any plants, just because I wouldn’t mind if a few of them finally die. As it stands, the tomato plants, the pepper plants, and the basil out in the garden have all taken hits. Now the pepper plant and the basil that have been on the deck fared well. They are all looking very good. Even the tomato plants, in pots, sitting kind of below the the deck but not underneath it, but under the eaves, survived. Not only did they survive but the tomatoes on them look okay.

Some areas, according to the Central Texas Facebook page, got well below freezing. We probably got to freezing, but I’m guessing we didn’t get much below it and didn’t stay there long. But some of the plants look like they took the cold well. The seedlings that were coming up look good. Even the lettuce that was growing is still doing well. And of course the basil and peppers on the covered deck are doing great.

Oh and my lemon tree, still in the pot it was in at the nursery has flowers on it. Go figure.