Its getting cold!

Okay, we truly have a cold front coming thru. We made it to a high of 69 degrees today. Right now, at almost 10PM we are down to 39 degrees. It is cold, and if you go outside the light wind just bores right thru you. I had to take the boys out about half an hour ago, and it was cold.

They are saying we might get down to freezing. We’ll see, but right now I would have to say it is a possibility. To make it worse, we’re only supposed to get up to 38 degrees tomorrow. And then tomorrow night will get cold again. There’s even a chance of possible rain tomorrow.

Now Saturday, the day after tomorrow, we will warm ever so slightly. Hopefully Saturday we should make it to the low 40’s, with the evening cold again. But by Sunday we will be into the 50’s with more chance of rain.

Then next week we expect to be back to the 60’s.

This is Texas weather. Warm, than cool, maybe cold, then back to warm. And its not quite mid February. There’s still a chance of freeze for another month. But my fruit trees, mainly my apples. are already getting blossoms. Hopefully we don’t get a hard freeze during the next month. But who knows. Its just wait and see.