Strange weather

There is something about Texas weather that is just, oh well, just accept it. We had been getting strange warm weather. Then poof, with no warning we got rain. Like 1.35 inches of rain. That happened last Sunday. Just one day of rain, then it moved on. But now we have fairly warm weather. Since Sunday we’ve been in the high 80’s with the evenings in the 70’s. This is central Texas summer type of weather. Its hot during the day, but the evenings don’t really cool down much.

Gardens don’t really love this weather. Its just too hot. But as luck and the forecast would have it, early next week we should be high 90’s. As in Monday, Memorial day would be 98, and next Wednesday should be 99.

This is why gardening in Texas can be dicey. You may have some periods of nice weather, plants grow well, then wham its hot. And its not just that the days are hot, but the nights don’t cool down that much. Our days may be in the high 90’s but our nights will be in the mid 70’s. And we’re not even in summer yet. Once we get to summer, it may be like this day after day after day. The water needs of a plant to stay alive get horrendous. And of course it can get humid in the process. So I’m not the biggest fan of summer in Texas. But its coming nonetheless.