Yes, we had sunshine yesterday and today. And with luck we should have it for this week. Though of course that means its a bit warmer, 84 by mid afternoon, but the humidity is not too bad. It could mean summer is around the corner too. Not my favorite, but it will come one way or the other.

Last month, May we had over 6 inches of rain here at the house. And we had about 3-1/2 inches just last week alone. And other areas around here got more rain that we did.  We had many times where we got just the edge of the storm. We could watch lightning all around us, and just feel light rain here. But it’s nice to have a break.

Now for what has happened with the plants. Some of the irises are trying to bloom. So are some of the bluebonnets. Most of them did their thing before the rain, but some were truly late bloomers. Though we got some wind, not enough to cause damage here at the house. We were lucky there.  But everything is growing now. The “lawn” is tall and needs a hair cut. Its really weeds, not much grass.  I had thrown wild flower seed and buffalo grass seed out there over a year ago, so that is what our “lawn” is.

But the apple tree is doing fine, still has apples. Though the animals have been pecking and chewing at some of the fruit. The strawberries are bearing again. The peas are shot, they need to be pulled. The lettuce, well I’ve been pulling most of it up. We had enough heat that most of it bolted. Tore the onions out finally. But the corn is growing gang busters, some of the tomatoes are even ripening. And the squash plants have blossoms. We have peppers already – both bell and jalapenos. Its amazing what this much rain will do for a yard. I’ll try and get out and take pictures.

Oh, one problem. The bunnies and the squirrels seem be making friends with each other. That’s not good. The squirrels are showing the bunnies where to get into the yard. At least we have so much greenery around that the bunnies have not ravaged my plants too badly.